Uses of Package

Packages that use org.drasyl.identity
netty Channel for the drasyl overlay network.
Classes for crypto-related operations.
Chord-based distributed hash table.
Different methods to discover peers.
CYCLON membership management.
Logs channel events/messages for monitoring purpose.
Information about peers.
Handlers used to communicate with remote nodes.
Contains classes necessary for encrypted protocol communication.
Discovery/Routing of peers on the internet.
The protocol used for communication with remote peers.
Contains classes to manage the Identity of the drasyl node.
Contains DrasylNode.
Describes DrasylNodes as finite state machines.
netty Channel for the DrasylNode.
Contains events that inform about various states of the DrasylNode (started, stopped, etc.) or overlay network events (messages, peer discovery, etc.)
ChannelHandlers used by the DrasylNode.
Contains classes necessary for encrypted peer/application communication.
Flexible extensions of drasyl via plugins that can be loaded into the pipeline together with user-defined settings.
Handles the Identity creation of the DrasylNode.
The groups client plugin.
Events that are emitted when this plugin is enabled.
Messages that are used to communicate with other nodes using the groups plugin.
Classes used to model the internal state of the manager (e.g.
Contains a backend (e.g.
Adapter to connect the groups manager with a JDBC-compliant database.