Class MessageChunksBuffer

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public class MessageChunksBuffer extends io.netty.handler.codec.MessageToMessageDecoder<MessageChunk>
Buffers until all MessageChunks belonging to the same message have been collected, then passes them in the correct order.
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    MessageChunksBuffer(int maxContentLength, int allChunksTimeout, int maxChunks)
    Creates a new instance.
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    protected void
    decode( ctx, MessageChunk msg, List<Object> out)

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  • Constructor Details

    • MessageChunksBuffer

      public MessageChunksBuffer(int maxContentLength, int allChunksTimeout, int maxChunks)
      Creates a new instance.
      maxContentLength - the maximum cumulative length of the aggregated message. If the length of the buffered content exceeds this value, a {@link TooLongFrameException)} will be thrown.
      allChunksTimeout - time in milliseconds after receiving the first chunk to wait for remaining chunks. Upon timeout, received chunks will be discarded. A value of 0 deactivates the timeout function.
      maxChunks - maximum number of chunks to collect. If the more chunks are required to aggregate the message, all chunks will be discarded.
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